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About edgeNZ an Introduction

A Regional Purpose Read all about it in the Regional Purpose report...

A Regional Purpose Is needed to before our region becomes a Peak Performing Region

Our region is currently bubbling away with an anxious expectation that we are about to see something special happen here. Forestry and Tourism have given rosy pictures of what they see happening in their industries over the next 5-10 years. With this expectancy has come subtle shifts in our self-belief and attitude about who we are, and our value to New Zealand and the world.

Let’s capture this positive shift in attitudes and turn it from subtle to massive.

The purpose of this document is to show how we can make this attitude shift massive and permanent. The creation and implementation of a regional purpose and brand that all regional stakeholders can buy into is critical. That buy-in will allow the stakeholders to maintain their own identity but receive the advantages of leverage that can be gained by uniting behind and actively supporting a regional purpose and brand.

For a brand to work the underlying spirit must inspire people to work towards regional dream and achieve our greatest challenge. That spirit must empower and unite people from all corners of our region with a passion and belief that anything is possible.

So lets create:

  1. A Regional Purpose that articulates our Spirit, our Inspirational Dream and Greatest Imaginable Challenge (GIC).
  1. A Regional Brand that reflects and supports our spirit, inspirational dream and greatest challenge.

  1. A Regional Tourism Purpose that supports our regional purpose.
    I believe tourism has the ability to lead the charge on the regional vision. It will set the scene for other industry groups to follow and then the general public. I see the need for each cluster of companies or people to set their own inspirational dreams and greatest challenges which contribute to the umbrella regional inspirations.

For more details contact me here...

Russell Holland

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SurfCity Gisborne

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