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A Regional Gisborne Tourism Purpose

A major player in regional growth is Tourism and it is critical that we have a Tourism Purpose that supports our regional purpose and brand. So we create a Peak Performing Tourism Organisation. This would be a cluster of the regional tourism players¡K that is anyone or any company or organisation that is involved in tourism.

Again we need to capture the SPIRIT of what this regions tourism is about. And then set about creating our inspirational dream and G.I. Dream.

I have given some examples of what is possible. I am sure you are starting to see the power and impact a challenge and dream can have on the people of an organisation. Most mission and vision statements can rarely be remembered and articulated by the people it is meant for.

Lets keep it simple, powerful, challenging and inspirational!


Which One?

Here are some examples of what we could aspire to...

Which excites you?

  • To be the Worlds No.1 Cultural, Natural and Heritage Tourism Experience
  • To be The Ultimate Cultural Experience
  • To be The Ultimate Cultural Tourism Experience
  • To be the Worlds No.1 Cultural, Natural and Heritage Tourism Experience
  • To be the Worlds No.1 Cultural Tourism Experience


  • To Win The Hearts Of Our Visitors Forever
  • Winning The Hearts Of Our Visitors Forever

FOCUS examples

Tourism Eastland, Tourism Ngati Porou, and Tourism Taskforce Action Group have already identified a number of focus areas which apply to this area.

Apply for MRI funding to implement phase 2 of Tairawhiti museums Nautical Heritage plan.

Other possible focus points that require more definition:
Collate and publish our stories. Stories that will intrigue, provoke curiosity, entice, stimulate, generate high levels of interest from all who listen or read.

Game breaking ideas take the best of the stories and create an environment for them to be told or displayed. Create a world-class venue for the presentation of these stories and other cultural activities to our visitors.

Create a cluster that supports tourism operators that offer the ultimate cultural experience.

Lets put the edge to the tourism icon test

Imagine we are trying to influence the buying decision of a German traveller. She is thinking of going to someplace exciting and off the beaten track (a common type of destination among German tourists) and according TourismNZ a major reason our international visitors come to NZ.

With our current commonly used names; Eastland, Tairawhiti, East Coast we don¡¦t get a look in as they don¡¦t tell an instant story that captures the imagination of the potential tourist. While Tairawhiti has a beautiful meaning it has limited marketing appeal and its difficult to get buy-in from all stakeholders as it can¡¦t represent attitude like an edge metaphor.

If we were

  • EdgeNZ
  • The Edge of the World¨
  • or Escape to the Edge of the World¨
  • or Discover the Worlds Edge¨ for tourism material,

we have a statement that stimulates emotion and imagination.

Step 1

is achieved when we have got the attention of this tourist then the questions will come as to what else is there and we then begin to tell her the wonderful first stories first to see the future, light and sun each day, birth of our nation through the landing of Maori canoes and then first Pakeha contact with Cooks landing, the cultural depth of the region, the capital of the region is SurfCity, where un-crowded beaches, sun, surf, and fun times are had. And on and on.

The critical thing is we get to Step 1.

Capture the imagination and curiosity of the potential visitor then sell them through our stories.

How do we do this
In using the edge concept we get instant leverage of existing resources.

Tourism NZ has released a statement for called "Essence of New Zealand"

"A spectacular & refreshing world
at the EDGE of the earth that
surprises and enlivens you."

Tourism NZ has acknowledged the fundamental value of the edge concept by including it in the essence statement.

In the document Product Development Opportunities for European and North American Markets they detail what that essence statement means in terms of tailoring a tourism product for these markets. I recommend you read it to see the value of the EDGE concept in relation to the tourism product development.

So from and NZ Tourism we have resources, which give us a great start to a concept from which to base a vision. BUT the essence of this vision and the setting of the challenge, dream and focus MUST come from the stakeholders.

Appendix 1.

The following is a summary of the areas that a PPO must meet.

Inspirational Players

Instrumental players will be inspiring an organisation to achieve peak performance.

They should:

  • Be powerful people with powerful ideas
  • Be role models and icons
  • Be actively involved with the 7P¡¦s
  • Be accessible, energetic, and passionate
  • Inspire belief in the organisations greatness
  • Inspire others to exceed their personal best continuously
  • Coach others to become peak performers, not followers
  • Carry the inspirational dream
  • Drive the future

Once PPO progression is underway PPO will

  • Position many inspirational players around the organisation
  • Develop inspirational players internally
  • Carefully recruit the very best externally
  • Plan succession but stay flexible
  • Maintain the legendary status of former inspirational players

Inspirational players will be inspirational through creating purpose, fostering excellent organisational practises and inspiring flow.

Peak Purpose


This should be:

  • Feasible but stretching
  • Exciting
  • Measurable
  • Specific to the league and level in which the organisation plays
  • Related to the inspirational dream
  • The basis for focus
  • Re-imagined once achieved


The inspirational dream should:

  • Have intrinsic value beyond winning
  • Provide a sense of recognition and meaning
  • Be widely shared
  • Derive from deep conversations with the 7Ps
  • Emerge from the histories and traditions of the organisation
  • Not be measurable
  • Not be a forecast or a vision of the future
  • Relate to the greatest imaginable challenge


This should be:

  • Crystal Clear
  • Aligned with the greatest imaginable challenge
  • Related to the actions required to achieve the greatest imaginable challenge, not to the desired results.
  • The basis for aligning everyday tasks
  • The basis for determining priorities
  • The basis for assessing performance
  • Broken down into realistic, short term goals which provide for regular feedback
  • Actioned through rolling game plans
  • Re-energised through changes to the rules of the game, the league, and players

Peak Practices


Peak Flow