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A Regional Purpose for Gisborne

A regional purpose must be:

1. Inclusive

the purpose for Gisborne must enable all regional stakeholders to take ownership and unite towards a common outcome. This means regardless of whether you are a school, tourism operator, wood processing company, shoe retailer, mother at home, must see the ultimate benefit to you and the Gisborne region. When this level of buy-in happens we will get massive traction towards our vision of Gisborne and the East Coast.

2. Inspirational

the purpose must inspire regional stakeholders of Gisborne to believe they are the lifeblood of a region that has huge potential, where all can prosper. It must inspire our non-resident whanau, natives, and people with regional affinity to preach the good word about the Gisborne and Eastland district, to tell other kiwis how proud they are to have been born here in the East Coast, to have whanau here, to have lived here.

3. Challenging

the vision must challenge all stakeholders to reach their true potential.

If we get these 3 areas reflected in our purpose for Gisborne, the spirit will permeate through all regional activity, cross-pollinating its message as it grows helping eastland, East Coast and the Gisborne District. It will transcend industry and community. We will see a compounding effect that will gain massive momentum. A good example of this is Southland, where the pride and attitude of the people have given the initial vision and marketing the substance needed for continuous success.

The most powerful and simplest approach to start this process is to create a Peak Performance Organisation (PPO). Or lets change it to a PPR.....a Peak Performing Region

There are 3 key areas to a PPO.

1. Peak Purpose... the start point and the reason why

  • Spirit of Gisborne
  • Inspirational Dream of Gisborne
  • Greatest Imaginable Challenge to Gisborne
  • Focus of Gisborne
2. Peak Practises... critical to creating the culture of the org
3. Peak Flow... the key to maintaining the momentum towards the challenge. See below for more detail and get the book Peak Performance, for the whole picture.... Muirs should stock it.

A regional purpose can only be created by a top team of key representatives from around the East Coast and Gisborne region. I will be actively looking at how a group can be formed for this purpose. Possible from the MRI taskforce members who broadly represent the region.

We need to firstly to find our SPIRIT. Spirit is the breath of life to the Gisborne community¨ and this will energise our agenda. Once we recognise what our spirit is and articulate it we will breathe life into the Eastland, East Coast and Gisborne region. From the spirit we can find our dream, greatest imaginable challenge, and what we focus on to achieve them. We are seeing this happening already with the shift in the attitudes and perceptions of our citizens and our guests over the past couple of years. So let's capture that spirit and articulate it to the world.

To give the readers of this document some idea of the type of outcomes the creation of the regional purpose might give us I have put several possibilities to open discussion on what may be a worthy challenge and dream for our region.

4. Our Greatest Imaginable Challenge

  • To have the no.1 average income per capita in New Zealand. (we are currently last)
  • To be the most prosperous region per capita in New Zealand.

5. Our inspirational Dream

  • Inspirational people living the ultimate lifestyle (at the Edge).
  • People make the difference.
  • To Inspire the NZ Nation from the EDGE
  • Inspirational people who live at the EDGE
  • To live the NZ dream of Lifestyle and freedom
  • Inspirational endeavours while living the ultimate lifestyle at the edge
  • Inspirational people who live the ultimate lifestyle

6. Focus

  • Tourism e.g. high value cultural tourism
  • Export e.g. added value products from forestry