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Moving to Gisborne

Check-list of things to remember
check out Nolan's Home Front for more great advice.
Use this handy check-list to help you prepare for your move

Check out Nolan's Home Front for some more great tips on buying a property in the Gisborne District.

Gisborne property and real estate 

Remember to give advice of your move / new address to:

  • Contact Energy Ph 0800 809 000
  • On Energy Ph 0800 110 000
  • Clear Communications Ph 0508 888 800
  • Telecom New Zealand Ph123
  • New Zealand Post (mail redirection) Ph0800 501 501
  • Motor Vehicle Registration Ph 0800 108 809
  • Gisborne Herald 869 0600
  • Gisborne Self Storage Ph 867 3233
  • Bank(s)
  • Credit card company
  • Inland Revenue Department
  • Registrar of Electors

Also remember to arrange:
written notice to your landlord; for packers and a carrier if required; insurance of furniture etc in transit (check with carrier)
for someone to look after your pets during the move.

Packing Tips

Looking at buying, selling or renting a home in the Gisborne Region, then check out Nolan’s Home Front for some great tips on buying, selling or renting a new property.

Moving house can be stressful. Here are some tips to help you in the enormous task of packing all your belongings...
Pack one room at a time. If you like, colour code all the boxes used for packing a specific room. “Red boxes came out of the master bedroom so red boxes go into the new master bedroom”.

Keep an inventory of what is contained in each box or write it on the top of the box.
Add important information such as FRAGILE on the outside of boxes.
Boxes are at the top of the list of required materials. Ensure the bottom of the carton is secure. Tape it up if it looks saggy or suspect in any way.

Use a good wide roll of strong tape to seal the boxes. Packing tape or gummed tape is better than masking tape.

Chose appropriate boxes for the items intended – a solid bottom box is suitable for heavy items. The heavier the item the smaller the carton for ease of carrying.

Newspaper is great for padding but ink may come off into clothing drapes lampshades etc: toilet paper is great for smaller items. Pillows and cushions can be stuffed in with fragile items such TVs and stereos.

Soft toys and some clothing may be left in dressers and cabinets and moved with them.

Carry jewellery and valuable documents and precious ornaments yourself. Pack them and take them to your new house yourself rather than allow them to be moved with the general household items.

Let your insurance company know that you are moving house. That way any breakages will be covered by your insurance policy.

Pack items that you will need immediately upon arrival at your new home in the same boxes. Items that will not be required for some time can be left in the boxes until a later date if required.

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